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Guest Post - Eduardo Angel

Guest Post – Eduardo Angel

Lighting for Video

Still photographers moving into video often forget about supporting video capture with enhanced lighting, and simply rely on available light, but un-enhanced natural light may not be enough!

The biggest advantage of natural light is the price. It is readily available and doesn’t cost much to harness or enhance. Also, creating an effective lighting setup can be achieved by…

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Apple’s Automator – The Ultimate Workflow Tool

Apple’s Automator – The Ultimate Workflow Tool

Imaging Workflow Beyond Lightroom & Photoshop

Most of the time, photo-imaging workflow can be completely managed within the familiar applications of Photoshop, Lightroom, Bridge, Photo Mechanic, etc… but occasionally it becomes necessary to go beyond the capabilities of these programs to automate more complex series of steps that involve multiple applications. Such was the case for me, when my…

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Guest Post by Bobbi Lane

Guest Post by Bobbi Lane

Portraits: Natural and Flash

The Photographer’s best tool is light. It is used to mold, define, describe and set the mood of a portrait, so knowing how to recognize the light or control it, is of ultimate importance to the artist. I’m both a natural light, or Portraits Unplugged, kind of photographer, and also have a lot of experience with using studio strobes or portable flash, which gives me…

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How to Deal with Banding in Skys

How to Deal with Banding in Skys

Fixing Banding Problems – the Key is Prevention

Occasionally I get questions from followers about specific problems they might be having. Such was the case here with an image by Phil Scalia. Often the key to avoid banding is to make sure you are not introducing banding at the RAW processing stage. Many things can happen in ACR/Lightroom or any other raw processing software, mostly involving noise…

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